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NBN Rollout update 17th June 2013

Just 4 days after the last update, NBNco has decided to see fit to update the rollout maps again with more areas. I am very excited about this, the more often they can do it  and get more premises passed and ready to order a service, the better!

I must thank JXeeno over at for his excellent work in getting me a listing each time these come out. Please check his awesome tracking site of the rollout, and of course check the official maps on the NBNco Rollout Map page.

If you are in these Brownfeld areas, you may now be able to order a Fibre NBN service:

  • 9CRC-04 (Palmerston ACT)
  • 2CFS-03 (Coffs Harbour NSW)
  • 4APL-02 (Zillmere/Aspley QLD)
  • 7STH-02 (Binalong Bay TAS)
  • 7LAU-01 (Launceston TAS)

There are also some early, partial activations in the following areas. These are small releases and may only include 200-400 premises:

  • 2CFS-05-p5 (Coffs Harbour)
  • 8DRW-04-p44 & 8DRW-04-p45 (Darwin City, NT)
  • 4GDN-02-p15 (Bellbird Park QLD)
  • 4TNS-03-p19 (Castle Hill QLD)
  • 4TOB-03-p20 (East Toowoomba QLD)
  • 4GDN-02-p15 & 4GDN-02-p16 (Goodna QLD)
  • 4TNS-02-p17 & 4TNS-03-p19 (North Ward QLD)
  • 4TOB-03-p20 (South Toowoomba)
  • 4TNS-02-p17 & 4TNS-02-p18 (Townsville City QLD)
  • 5ONK-01-p21 & 5ONK-01-p22 (McLaren Flat SA)
  • 7KIN-03-p37 – 7KIN-03-p42 (Blackmans Bay, Kingston & Newhead TAS)
  • 7HOB-04-p27 to 7HOB04-p36 (Battery Point, Dynnyrne, Hobart & South Hobart TAS)
  • 3BAC-01-p6 to 3BAC-01-p8 (Bacchus Marsh VIC)
  • 3BRU-03-p9 & 3BRU-03-p10 (Brunswick VIC)
  • 3SMR-01-p11 to 3SMR-04-p14 (Mill Park VIC)

And a special shoutout to WA – FIRST FIBRE ACTIVATED! Still an early release, limited premises though.

  • 6GLT-01-p23 & 6GLT-01-p24 (Geraldton WA)
  • 6MDR-01-p25 & 6MDR-01-p26 (Mandurah WA)
First WA brownfield fibre activation, Mandurah 6MDR-01

First WA brownfield fibre activation, Mandurah 6MDR-01

Check the rollout maps at and make sure to let people you know living in these areas that there have been activations of the NBN Fibre.

NBN Rollout update 13th June 2013

NBNco have just updated their coverage maps, as new areas have been activated in the last week.

New Brownfield coverage in:

  • North Canberra (Ngunnwal)
  • Coffs Harbour NSW
  • Gosford NSW
  • Darwin NT
  • Aspley QLD
  • Toowoomba QLD
  • Townsville QLD
  • Onkaparinga / McLaren Flat SA
  • Hobart TAS
  • St Helens TAS
  • Kingston TAS
  • Launceston TAS
  • Brunswick VIC
  • South Morang / Mill Park VIC


There has also been a number of Greenfield areas and estates activated:

  • AYCA-FYO3G – Glenfield Circuit (Stage DA3)
  • AYCA-FYUK9 – Newbury 7B (Stage 1)
  • AYCA-FYULR – Northlakes Estate (Stage 27B)
  • AYCA-FYULR – Northlakes Estate (Stage 26)
  • AYCA-FYUTF – Signature Gardens Retirement Resorts (Stage 3&4)
  • AYCA-FYUYW – The Ponds (Stage 1 Precinct 10)
  • AYCA-FYVF2 – Beaconsfield Heights (Stage 1)
  • AYCA-FYVMY – Citiswich (Stage 6A and 6B)
  • AYCA-FYVWD – Glenrowan Estate (Stage 3B)
  • AYCA-FYVXJ – Great Barrier Reef International Resort (Stage 5)
  • AYCA-FYVZ9 – Highland Reserve (Stage 15B)
  • AYCA-FYWNJ – Sovereign Pocket (The Outlook) (Stage 2)
  • AYCA-FYXCT – 13th Beach Estate (Stage 1)
  • AYCA-FYXJY – Arbourlea (Stage 1A & 1B)
  • AYCA-FYXNF – Bernly Gardens (Stage 10A and 10B)
  • AYCA-FYY53 – Highlands (Stage 185)
  • AYCA-FYY53 – Highlands (Stage 183)
  • AYCA-FYYB6 – Lucas (Stage A2)
  • AYCA-FYYB6 – Lucas (Stage A1)
  • AYCA-FYYB6 – Lucas (Stage 3)
  • AYCA-FYYKS – Polaris 3083 (Stage 1B)
  • AYCA-FYYW6 – The Avenue Estate (Stage 13)
  • AYCA-FYZ3Q – Warralily – Armstrong Creek (Stage 2A)
  • AYCA-FYZ6R – Whirrakee Park (Stage 3)
  • AYCA-FYZ6R – Whirrakee Park (Stage 4)
  • AYCA-FYZ98 – Yellowgum (Stage 3)
  • AYCA-FYZ98 – Yellowgum (Stage 2)
  • AYCA-FYZFP – Corimbia (Stage 9A)
  • AYCA-FYZFP – Corimbia (Stage 10)
  • AYCA-FYZT4 – Marri Park Estate (Stage 3)
  • AYCA-G07VG – Lot 502 Jane Brook Drive (Stage 1)
  • AYCA-GKAH0 – Parks Edge @ Casey Fields (Stage 1)
  • AYCA-GLSPX – Baldivis North (Stage 5)
  • AYCA-GLSPX – Baldivis North (Stage 4)
  • AYCA-GPJ7Y – Cameron Street Development (Stage 4 & 5)

Check your coverage at the NBNco website:

NBN Rollout update 4th June 2013

HP shows coloured door bezels at ‘Discover’ event

Spotted this tweet by @jakeludington regarding the Microserver G8 – I wanted to share!

HP displaying custom coloured doors at HP Discover in Las Vegas.

HP displaying custom coloured doors at HP Discover in Las Vegas.

As you can see, there are different coloured bezels on display. Will you get a second colour in the box? Nobody knows yet.

I must admit, the red looks really nice, and the blue would blend nicely with the LED lighting.

HP lists G8 Microservers on website

Thanks to sorted who spotted the Microserver G8’s are listed on the HP website. The two models are listed at USD$449 and USD$529 respectively on the HP website, a bit cheaper than what was expected.

MicroServer Gen8 G1610T – USD$449

Processor family
Processor:     Intel® Celeron® G1610T (2 core, 2.3 GHz, 2MB, 35W)
Number of processors:     1
Processor cores:     2

Standard memory:     2GB (1x2GB) UDIMM
Maximum memory:     16GB
Memory slots:     2 DIMM slots
Memory protection:     Unbuffered ECC

Expansion slots:     (1) PCIe
For detail descriptions reference the QuickSpec
Network controller:     1Gb 332i Ethernet Adapter 2 Ports per controller

Hard drives
Storage controller:     (1) Dynamic Smart Array B120i/ZM

Power supply
Power supply:     (1) 150W non-hot plug, non redundant power supply kit Multi-output

Rack height
Rack height:     MicroServer

MicroServer Gen8 G2020T – USD$529

Processor family
Processor:     Intel® Pentium® G2020T (2 core, 2.5 GHz, 3MB, 35W)
Number of processors:     1
Processor cores:     2

Standard memory:     2GB (1x2GB) UDIMM
Maximum memory:     16GB
Memory slots:     2 DIMM slots
Memory protection:     Unbuffered ECC

Expansion slots:     (1) PCIe
For detail descriptions reference the QuickSpec
Network controller:     1Gb 332i Ethernet Adapter 2 Ports per controller

Hard drives
Storage controller:     (1) Dynamic Smart Array B120i/ZM

Power supply
Power supply:     (1) 150W non-hot plug, non redundant power supply kit Multi-output

Rack height
Rack height:     MicroServer


The original Microserver G8 System Diagram – not what we will get

Here is a System Diagram for the G8 Microserver from the product planning stage. It differs from what we now know we will get, but the basics are there.

The original Microserver System Diagram. This is no longer the 'real' version as it has a Micro SDcard on the mothermoard, the iLO (red box bottom right) is confirmed as not being an option, and there is only one SATA port on the motherboard.

The original Microserver System Diagram. This seems to be from earlier in the product design phase.

It seems like there will only be one SATA port based on the Beta Units and also the images and documentation coming from HP now, where this slide suggests it will have two. I am almost certain that the chipset will actually support two SATA ports, just that there is only one on these models. We may see a second port on an ‘updated’ model with faster CPUs just like the G7 models – and there is possibly a quadcore CPU on the horizon.

Missing from this slide is the Micro SDcard on the motherboard. Also the iLO ‘option’ in the red square on the bottom right-hand side is now confirmed as standard and not an option module.

Customisation of the Microserver – HP to steal ServersPlus ‘Pimp My Microserver’ idea?

On the eve of the official product announcement for the Microserver G8, we have been passed more information from a HP Source, and on the face of the information provided it would appear that HP is considering offering kits to Mod Your Microserver. Previously ServersPlus in the UK ran a ‘Pimp My Microserver‘ competition, which was a pre-cut decal kit that you could apply to your Microserver.

As shown previously in the Orange Door version of the Microserver, more has come to light in retail kits that you can change the door colour, and now possibly the perforation shape, size and pattern of it also.

Customisation possibilities from HP

Customisation possibilities from HP

It could be very possible that HP will organise a number of ‘Customisation kits’ with a different door faceplate, and some decals for each side of the Microserver. Now I love a Slurpee as much as anyone but I am not sure if many people would like a ‘7-Eleven’ design for their Microserver. I definitely would like to see some VMware ones, maybe a set of HP logo decals for the sides. I am also very sure that some people would love some Linux-themed decals, maybe a CentOS?

The ‘Pimp My Microserver’ competition gained two standout popular votes – the eventual winner was a Borg Cube design, however the ‘Tardis’ design followed just 1% behind in the voting. Given it is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, then I think there is a marketing opportunity. We all know the Microservers are dusted with Timelord Technology – they are bigger on the inside 😉

It would appear that those OEM’s wanting to order a large enough batch (LVO stands for Large Volume Orders) of Microservers could indeed be able to order a customised door with a different pattern to the ‘Gen8 Family’ pattern. One would think that third-party vendores could take the base Microserver and turn it into a variety of different appliance, adding different Operating Systems and options. There could indeed be a supported NAS from a current major player or even a new player, built on the Microserver platform.

The ‘Whitebox’ door above  with a complete-coverage ‘square’ punch actually looks pretty decent, but you could change the punch shape to circles or hexagons too. I’d love to see some of you out there come up with a few photoshop ideas on what you would like to see on a door. So go ahead, make them and post.

Also, HP have a document on how to change over the door. Looks like you could sandwich some open-cell foam in there for dust suppression too. Lots of options start springing to mind now.

HP Document on how to swap a door bezel

HP Document on how to swap a door bezel

Official Microserver announcement due within 24 hours

Latest word within HP is that the Microserver G8 product announcement has been moved forward to today, June 9. This is still likely to be announced in Las Vegas in conjunction with HP Discover 2013.

Given that Sydney is about 17 hours ahead of the US Pacific time zone, it could indeed be another 18 hours away. But keep your eyes peeled for more information.


EXCLUSIVE: The Microserver Switch Module revealed

After the “Top Secret” photos earlier in the week, we can now reveal the following Microserver Module – a PS1810-8G Gigabit Ethernet switch. Basically it is the normal HP 1810-8G switch (Product code J9449A) stuffed into a new Microserver-shaped case.



Looks pretty good, and the specifications of the 1810-8G are really good. 802.3ad Link Aggregation, Vlans, all the really handy stuff you want as a network admin. I think this will be a game changer in the small branch offices.

Why? Because it will make it easy to run a couple of Microservers, team the Network cards on each into the switch, and uplink them into the workgroup switch. It also leverages Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the switch on port 1. If you have a larger workgroup switch that already has PoE capability which is often used to provide 48VDC to devices via the ethernet cable in order to power them without plugpacks, you can use that to power the switch and reduce cabling clutter.

PoE is mature technology and is used to power devices like IP Phones and WiFi Access Points. I am seeing more and more affordable PoE switches in the enterprise as IP Phones are making their mark and business sees the benefit of not having powerpacks everywhere.


As you can see the module is shaped to the design of the Microserver and is stackable. Very neat and tidy.


And finally here is the HP Sheet on these. Click to enlarge it!


I hope you can all see where this is going. After my previous post regarding the External Storage Module being dropped, then being told that a backup module exists, it starts becoming pretty clear that the Microserver range will be used as a base to external modules. I think it is a really cool system, keeping the base unit small and cheap to manufacture, while giving customers the opportunity to expand their systems as required.

HP Video shows U320 SCSI Expansion card in Microserver

Well this is rather strange, but perusing the new Repair/Replace videos for the Microserver G8, I noticed the ‘Expansion board’ video. Here’s a couple of screenshots:



Now if you look carefully, on the top screenshot you can see ‘ATTO’ on the bracket, and just below that I can make out ‘Ultra 320’. The connectors do indeed appear to be Ultra320 SCSI External connectors.

With a bit of sleuthing, the card in question appears to be the HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter, part number AH627A. Here’s a better picture:

HP StorageWorks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter

A dual channel Ultra 320 SCSI card? Talk about old technology, I would have thought a SAS Host bus Adapter would have been more likely. It could have just been a low-profile expansion/HBA card that the video team had lying around, or could it have been a way of attaching an external storage array?

We await the launch of the new model next week for all the official details.

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