Month: November 2014

If You are the One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao) Drinking game

How to Play

Watch the show on SBS2 from 8.30pm on Saturday and Sunday nights from 7.30pm, arm yourself with Tweetdeck with a column search on #ifyouaretheone and join in the fun.

Drink Once:

  • Someone else in the room claps along to a candidate introduction.
  • A candidate sings.
  • A funny sound effect is played.
  • Candidate brings a gift or gifts for the girls.
  • @SBS2 retweets your tweet.
  • One of the girls gives advice to a candidate.
  • There is a really bad edit in the show (censored usually)
  • #13 is chosen as the heartbeat girl.
  • Candidate comes out of the elevator SHOUTING.
  • Fedora. 2 drinks if a beard is involved.
  • Meng Fei needs to explain a candidate’s answer.
  • One of the girls is wearing something of questionable fashion sense.
  • Heartbeat Girl looks unimpressed when she is revealed.

2 Drinks

  • One of the girls sing.
  • The candidate performs a dance.
  • Huang Han says something.
  • The candidate is either a real estate agent or a used car salesman.
  • Le Jia lays down the truth to a candidate.
  • The candidate brings a gift for any of the hosts.
  • Women in the friend video is a #lightkiller.
  • A male on twitter says he would turn for a candidate.
  • Meng Fei questions someone’s fashion sense.
  • The girls actually get to the question stage.

3 Drinks:

  • A girl cries while asking a question.
  • Candidate blames girls for no date.
  • “Frienemies” in friends video.
  • Le Jia berates one of the girls.
  • A girl throwing herself at candidate & he rejects her, going home dateless.
  • The candidate performs with a girl, either a vocal number or interpretive dance.

Chug the rest of your drink:

  • Either Le Jia or Meng Fei sings.
  • The candidate starts crying.
  • Physical violence is threatened.

Drink everything you have

  • #23 gets a date.
  • Huang Han sings.


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