It’s not a Microserver, it’s a Micro-Ecosystem for IT

The beta program for the upcoming HP Microserver G8 is in full swing. At least two beta units are out in the field within my sphere of contacts, however I refused the offer to take part in any beta after the removal by the HP Microsevers page on Facebook.

Some of the details I have been leaked by internal HP contacts is only now becoming clear. I was given the follow images last week from someone inside HP.

Microserver_G8_Side Microserver_G8_Stacked

These show a very modular unit, indeed stackable with other Microserver-like chassis units. This feature was considered to be a part of the external storage unit, however with that also confirmed as no longer happening, the modular design seemed to have been a hangover of the previous product development and design.

That is until today. A source familiar with the beta program has passed on the information of a

“stackable unit, smaller in height than the Microserver unit itself, for backup purposes”.

This highly curious information could mean any of the following devices could be on the way:

  • A single high capacity hard disk of 3TB or 4TB;
  • An RDX unit that uses a hard drive in a removable cartridge format; or
  • An LTO4/5 tape backup unit.

Considering the four USB ports on the back, all quite possible scenarios. Of these, I think the RDX unit most likely as this unit is being targeted at the smaller remote offices where a simple backup solution is often lacking.

Another beta tester has raised the possibility of another component that they have actually received and are testing. While I cannot divulge this information yet as it may be traceable back to the end user due to forums I frequent. That said, I was surprised that this sort of module is available and currently testing with customers, but is a brilliant move by HP.

Finally, we found this on a slide from an internal HP source… I wonder what this could be?


The plot thickens!

3 comments for “It’s not a Microserver, it’s a Micro-Ecosystem for IT

  1. Iain sheppard
    May 28, 2013 at 21:49

    Nice!! I would go a beta unit!!! Sign me up. Are we any closer to finding out if cpu’s are swappable?


    • Monsta
      May 28, 2013 at 22:15

      The beta units are usually for media and certain customers and HP partners. Unfortunately the offer of a Beta Unit was being used to give HP leverage to remove posts on the previous Facebook page. When I decided not to comply, I believe they contacted Facebook to request the page be removed. As such, I declined their offer of a beta unit.

      We aren’t sure about swappable CPU’s yet, however the G530T and G630T both do not come in anything but LGA packaging, certainly not like the AMD chips which were BGA & soldered to the mobo.

      And a little hint – the beta machines have an i3-3220T CPU in them 😉

  2. Iain Sheppard
    May 28, 2013 at 23:16

    This gives hope with the i3-3220T’s in them!

    I saw on whirlpool mentioning the i5 35 watt cpu which would be awesome.

    I use mine mainly as a file server / dc / dns / dhcp and exchange 2013, the extra grunt would be awesome!

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