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HP Microserver Gen9 around the corner?

The guys over at ServeTheHome have let the cat out of the bag – HP intends to announce their new Proliant Gen9 server range next week.


The new HP Proliant Gen9 range, coming soon!

Some interesting tidbits from the article:

HP has undergone a major mindset change over the past few years. Instead of selling well designed, x86 commodity servers, HP is re-thinking how it goes to market. The vision HP is pushing is really one that compute infrastructure will increasingly be managed as pools of resources specialized for specific tasks.

HP’s scaling story is building servers with each successive generation that are easier to manage in pools. HP Gen9 is rolling out with UEFI enhancements and a management platform that will aid in this effort.

The other interesting note about the announcement is the date. The HP ProLiant Gen9 servers are due out on September 8. The company also said that we would see DDR4 and Haswell architectures with the HP Gen9 server lineup. The company also cited that the Intel Developer Forum on September 9-10 in San Francisco would be a place where we would hear more about the line-up. With the major Apple event scheduled for 9/9/2014 there is a likely date for the Haswell-EP (Intel Xeon E5-2600 V3) that we can deduce from this, even if Intel is mum on the subject.

This is all very interesting. What does it mean for the Microserver SKU’s? Well, not very much at all. I would expect that they get a revised motherboard with a later chipset, a CPU bump to the ‘Haswell Refresh’ G1840T and G3240T, and the new Gen9 Management features – whatever they are. There might be newer versions of the Broadcom NICs, More USB3 ports… things along that line. I don’t think we get iLO5 but definitely new & updated onboard management, diagnostic and provisioning tools will be on the cards.

With a new SKU coming, I expect to see some special deals on the Gen8 Microservers coming up later in the year. The Gen9 release of the Proliants is due within a week or so, and we are likely to see a new Gen9 Microserver coming out before the end of the year. Remember that the E3-1220’s go into these quite happily and give a massive boost in performance. So if you can find a cheap E3 CPU – or even have one lying around from upgrades – and the Gen8 chassis goes back on the rebate specials we saw with the N40L/N56L units, definitely worth your time to grab one.

We are seeing the G1610T unit here in Australia retail from AUD$499 at some e-tailers, so if it dipped below AUD$300 they would likely sell very quick.

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