NBN Rollout update 17th June 2013

Just 4 days after the last update, NBNco has decided to see fit to update the rollout maps again with more areas. I am very excited about this, the more often they can do it  and get more premises passed and ready to order a service, the better!

I must thank JXeeno over at myNBN.info for his excellent work in getting me a listing each time these come out. Please check his awesome tracking site of the rollout, and of course check the official maps on the NBNco Rollout Map page.

If you are in these Brownfeld areas, you may now be able to order a Fibre NBN service:

  • 9CRC-04 (Palmerston ACT)
  • 2CFS-03 (Coffs Harbour NSW)
  • 4APL-02 (Zillmere/Aspley QLD)
  • 7STH-02 (Binalong Bay TAS)
  • 7LAU-01 (Launceston TAS)

There are also some early, partial activations in the following areas. These are small releases and may only include 200-400 premises:

  • 2CFS-05-p5 (Coffs Harbour)
  • 8DRW-04-p44 & 8DRW-04-p45 (Darwin City, NT)
  • 4GDN-02-p15 (Bellbird Park QLD)
  • 4TNS-03-p19 (Castle Hill QLD)
  • 4TOB-03-p20 (East Toowoomba QLD)
  • 4GDN-02-p15 & 4GDN-02-p16 (Goodna QLD)
  • 4TNS-02-p17 & 4TNS-03-p19 (North Ward QLD)
  • 4TOB-03-p20 (South Toowoomba)
  • 4TNS-02-p17 & 4TNS-02-p18 (Townsville City QLD)
  • 5ONK-01-p21 & 5ONK-01-p22 (McLaren Flat SA)
  • 7KIN-03-p37 – 7KIN-03-p42 (Blackmans Bay, Kingston & Newhead TAS)
  • 7HOB-04-p27 to 7HOB04-p36 (Battery Point, Dynnyrne, Hobart & South Hobart TAS)
  • 3BAC-01-p6 to 3BAC-01-p8 (Bacchus Marsh VIC)
  • 3BRU-03-p9 & 3BRU-03-p10 (Brunswick VIC)
  • 3SMR-01-p11 to 3SMR-04-p14 (Mill Park VIC)

And a special shoutout to WA – FIRST FIBRE ACTIVATED! Still an early release, limited premises though.

  • 6GLT-01-p23 & 6GLT-01-p24 (Geraldton WA)
  • 6MDR-01-p25 & 6MDR-01-p26 (Mandurah WA)
First WA brownfield fibre activation, Mandurah 6MDR-01

First WA brownfield fibre activation, Mandurah 6MDR-01

Check the rollout maps at http://www.nbnco.com.au/when-do-i-get-it/rollout-map.html and make sure to let people you know living in these areas that there have been activations of the NBN Fibre.

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