NBN Rollout update 4th July 2013

Since we had no updates last week as NBNco raced towards the June 30 targets, we are definitely due for map updates today. The new Minister for Broadband and the Digital Economy, Anthony Albanese MP, has called a press conference for today to release the rollout metrics for June 30 which is eagerly awaited.

As I have access to NBN figures through a couple of sources, it appears that NBNco has indeed reached it’s revised rollout targets for both the brownfield and greenfield (new estates) rollouts. The Greenfield numbers were especially strong, achieving 44,000 premises and only being 1,000 premises short of the upper target of the target range of 45,000 premises.

Brownfield rollout figured for ‘premises passed’ appears to have just scraped in with 163,600 addresses on their fibre footprint list. The disappointing part of this is around 56,000 premises are not able to connect immediately as they are in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as apartment blocks or units which need Owners Corporation permission to make modifications to common property. Buildings where premission is not granted repeatedly may be declared ‘frustrated’ by NBNco and could be subject to a Telstra ‘stop sales’ clause where 20 days after a premises is declared frustrated, Telstra will not be able to connect anyone in that building to a copper service. Ry Crozier wrote a great article on this over at ITnews.

We have details from our sources of activated areas – these are all pending an NBNco update of the maps, but it was sourced and cross-checked from two RSPs from NBNco data. These are not official areas

Areas that are now FULLY ACTIVE:

  •  4TOB-03 – Toowoomba QLD
  • 2HOM-01 – Strathfield NSW
  • 8DRW-04 – Darwin NT
  • 3BRU-03 – Brunswick VIC
  • 2PTH-01 – Penrith NSW
  • 2CFS-05 – Coffs Harbour NSW
  • 2BLK-03 – Blacktown NSW
  • 2KIA-03 – Kiama NSW
  • 4TOB-02 – Toowoomba QLD
  • 7LAU-03 – Launceston TAS


Areas that are now partially active:

  • 2GOS-03 – Gosford NSW
  • 2HOM-02 -Strathfield NSW
  • 2KIA-02 – Kiama NSW
  • 2RCH-04 – Richmond NSW
  • 3TMN-03 – Tullamarine VIC
  • 4CAI-01 – Cairns QLD
  • 4GDN-03 – Goodna QLD
  • 4GUL-02 – Gulliver, Townsville QLD
  • 6VIC-02 – Victoria Park WA (more premises added)
  • 8DRW-02 – Darwin NT


Areas that are still partially active but not yet fully active (some have more coverage):

  • 2RCH-02 – Richmond NSW
  • 4GND-02 – Goodna QLD
  • 4TNS-02 – Townsville QLD
  • 7KIN-03 – Kingston TAS
  • 4TNS-03 – Townsville QLD
  • 2PTH-02 – Penrith NSW
  • 2SAW-01 – Sawtell NSW
  • 2SAW-02 – Sawtell NSW
  • 4TNS-01 – Townsville QLD
  • 3BAC-03 – Bacchus Marsh VIC
  • 4GDN-01 – Goodna QLD
  • 6SPT-02 – South Perth WA
  • 7HOB-05 – Hobart  TAS

Really looking forward to the new areas becoming official.

A massive shoutout to Kenneth Tsang aka JXeeno who runs the myNBN.info rollout tracking site for his help in collecting, collating and verifying the data we had earlier. Please go and check out his work, very professional site for such a young guy.

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